Create dynamic templates without coding

Have the ability to manage ads and text blocks on various pages of the system interface without programming knowledge.

Designed to create information systems

Modal architecture

Layers to assemble applications-level templates

Various integrations

Connect external resources and services

Trigger based scenarios

Scenarios depend on external events

Easy to make, update and share result

Create responsive layouts that look equally great on screens with different resolutions, aspect ratios, and orientations.
AI powered Digital Signage

Create multiple scenes within one layout

Set transition conditions between scenes or layers, use PSD files and set animations.
AI powered Digital Signage

Divide the screen into several areas and create a unique layout

Divide the screen into several areas and play different pieces of content in each of them at the same time.
AI powered Digital Signage

The whole range of possibilities for creating information kiosks

AI powered Digital Signage

Set up fallback scenarios when some of that services goes out of service

Connect External sources, databases, services etc to grab texts, media content, weather, currency rates, queue management system automatically.
AI powered Digital Signage