Buy Attention of target audience in offline locations

Increase your brand awareness and speed
up product sales. Run audience based
Programmatic Digital out-of-Home


We know who is in front the screen. Display your add only to target audience.


Run RTB-auction or private deals, create reach and narrowly targeted advertising campaigns, pay for the display or viewing.


We are ready to negotiate special offers for your customers.

Increase your awareness

Calendar in Dynamic Loops

Guaranteed ads from date to date with a fixed price.

Ad Plays

Cost per 
1000 Ad plays.


Cost per 1000 impressions.


Cost per 1 targeted contact.

What kind of targeting
 you have?


Touchpoint Type

Audience Attributes

Day and Time


Audience Interests

What kind of data sources?

Historical data from publishers

For audience prediction Dooh. One takes data from people counters and POS-terminals.

Non-personalized Face Recognition

Basically, we collect and enrich customer data with the help of own depersonalized Face Recognition neuro network. It gives us more depth an accuracy in audience recognition and advertising massages targeting.

GEO data from 3rd party suppliers

We supplement the platform with data about audience interests obtained by our partners using the GPS data collection tool for WhatsApp users around the world.

A self-serve buying platform

Buying Digital out-of-Home inventory is easy, fast and efficient. Go from campaign creation to live on-screen within minutes.
AI powered Digital Signage