Manage your own marketing content

Sell audience-based Ads on your inventory

Combine with Programmatic Ads for new revenue

Open access for advertisers into Self-Service portal

Connect all digital surfaces including displays, kiosks, tablets and background music to a cross-channel centralized inventory management system.

Schedule and automate your own marketing through any touchpoint

Automate direct ad sales, price management and reporting processes

Deliver tailored messages at multiple touchpoints along the customer journey

Understand consumer behavior, segments and performance metrics

Maximize your ad revenue via programmatic ads with self-service

Reduce costs on content creation and integration without coding

Control and manage your hardware network with real-time monitoring

# Marketing Content Management
Target content by a specific audience in a time of attention
# Direct Ads sales extention
# Crossplatform software Ad Players
Be a part of a programmatic market to get new revenue flows
# GDPR-compliant audience analytics
Run self-service DSP for your advertisers and partners features for ad selling
# White Label SSP and DSP extention
# Visual Designer tool
Control of any IoT devices for any network scale
# Network Health monitoring panel
# Marketing Content Management

Save 90% more time with centralized content management

monetise your in-store audiences
# Marketing Content Management

Automate schedule with flexible rules

Automate schedule by flexible rules
# Marketing Content Management

Reduce costs with auto-generated content

monetise your in-store audiences
# Marketing Content Management

Keep control with an interactive schedule

Keep control by interactive schedule
# Direct Ads Sales automatization

Use Audience-and-Time-based selling models for 100% sell-out

monetise your in-store audiences
# Direct Ads Sales automatization

Sell what advertisers want to buy

Sell as advertisers want to buy
# Direct Ads Sales automatization

Configure campaign parameters before starting to hit the target

monetise your in-store audiences
# Audience data & Ads reports

All necessary reports for ad sales and audience analysis

reports for ad sales and audience analysis
# Demographic targeting

Target by a specific audience

monetise your in-store audiences
# Self-service portal by your Brand

Run your own Self-service portal for advertisers

Self-service portal for advertisers
# Templates visual editor

Save money with a no-code visual editor

monetise your in-store audiences

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