All-in-one Digital Signage player

The player has a built-in camera that impersonally analyzes visitors in real-time using face detection to show the audience the most relevant ads as it happens online.
Player allows decreasing sales cycle by launching a proof of concept in a few days instead of months. Also, the rental model reduces CAPEX. All of it significantly increases ROI of the projects.
Serge Galeev
Chief executive officer

Holds everything you need

Remote management

Web platform accessible from any device

Built-in monetization

Connection to the network of advertisers

Audience analytics

Customize content display by gender, age, emotions

Create content and manage screens

The Box can be connected to TVs, Video wall, LED screens and powered by the screen. No need additional digital signage licenses.
AI powered Digital Signage

Target relevant content and sell depersonalized audience data

With AI and face detection the solution allows impersonally analyzing visitors, showing them an advertisement they're more likely interested in and track engagement to optimize campaigns.
AI powered Digital Signage

Connecting the rest of the ad space of each screen

Offers can respond not only to gender, age or interests of the visitors but also to triggers like today's weather based on data aggregation.
AI powered Digital Signage

Replacing the device in 24 hours without expert examination

We undertake the equipment replacement on any request without technical examination during the warranty period.
AI powered Digital Signage

Feedback module

Entertainment module

Navigation module