Performance metrics for in-store marketing


Only real faces

Algorithms trained against faces spoofing (faces on POS materials, video walls, other screens, T-shirts and so on).

We respect privacy

We do not store personal data. Our algorithms comply with GDPR and CCPA.

Separate employees from clients

Your employees will be identified and marked so as to exclude them from your analytics. You don’t have to sell them ads if you don’t want to.

What kind of insights?

Conversion in terms of views

For performance marketing, know the real number of views of your campaign compared to the number of impressions.

Ad Dwell-Time (Engagement)

If your target audience is watching content for 50% of the campaign time, then you're probably playing the right content.

Audience portrait

Demographic data helps you get a realistic portrait of your audience and adjust your campaign message accordingly.

Emotion tracking

Make a mood map to find out how peoples' emotional state of people affects their decision to purchase. Make a mood map.

Customer Journey

Track most popular routes around the store. Find out where most shoppers go and how long they stay in front of touchpoints.
Conversion in ViewsAds Dwell-Time (Engagement)Audience portraitEmotion trackingCustomer Journey

Transform your store using data-driven iterations

Real-time audience data allows you to iteratively test your marketing content and change your marketing plan.
Data-driven retail store

AI that works “out of the box”

Retail face recognition

Best algorithms

Supreme speed and accuracy according to the NIST Computer Vision rankings.
Usb-camera for audience analitycs

Easy to connect

No need special hardware, just use simple USB-cameras.
Digital Signage software


No custom integrations with third-party tools.
shoppers recognition

Fast response

It takes less than a second to show a relevant message to a customer.
Targeted ads at retail shop

Real-time triggers

Display content according to any attribute to influence your audience at the moment of choice.
low-end device for digital signage


Optimized for low-end devices with simultaneous content playback.

Get a deeper understanding of your audience

Customize your visualization using your raw performance data in Excel files.
monetise your in-store audiences